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Toronto Night Clubs Scene

Toronto clubs, bars and nightlife is as fun and active as anywhere in the world. People who live in Toronto can tell you, there are many hot spots all over the city. Toronto's nightlife is diverse, fun, and offers every age group a wonderful stage to the night away.


Get ready to get dizzy.And we don't mean because of the clubs themselves (although they can be quite hypnotic) but because of the number of them located downtown. The city refers to this area as the Theater District but it could just as easily be called the Club District because there are so many of them located here.

The clubs can be pretty much divided into two categories: Young, for the 19-to-25 crowd, and upscale for the late 20s-late 30s group. The latter tends to be trendy and a bit of a scene, but hardly like New York or L.A. Still, expect to pay -20 cover charges at any club. Dress codes match the covers ....... Find out more about Toronto Clubs

Bars & Pubs

Get ready to rock. The bars and pubs of Toronto are great hangouts, perfect places to meet people and go out with friends. The diversity is incredible, as one would expect in a lively world-class city.

This guide divides the pubs, bars (including down-to-earth and upscale) and key live music venues into six different areas. A seventh highlights where to go when the lights come on in these places ....... Find out more about Toronto Bars and Pubs

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