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Toronto Universities, Colleges and High Schools

Always interesting activities occurring on Toronto's campuses. Click on more info for detailed information about schools and other campus locations.

Universities |Colleges | High Schools

Toronto Universities
 York University
York University makes innovation its tradition.
Tel: 416 736-2100, Address: 4700 Keele Street Toronto ON M3J 1P3
 Ryerson University
Ryerson University, Canada's leading centre of applied, professional education, was founded in 1948 as Ryerson Institute of Technology.
Tel: 416 979-5000, Address: 350 Victoria St. Toronto Ontario M5B 2K3
 University of Toronto
The U of T is the largest post-secondary institution in Canada. Among many others, faculties include forestry, dentistry, arts & science, music, pharmacy and nursing.
Tel: (416) 978-2011, Address: University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5S 1A1

Toronto Colleges
 Centennial College
There are more than 80 diploma and certificate programs on a full-time and part-time basis in business, communication arts, community and consumer services, engineering technology, health and transportation.
Tel: 416-289-5000, Address: 80 Cowdray Court, Scarborough Ontario M1K 5E9.
 George Brown College of Applied Arts & Technology
The college offers a wide range of programming - Business, Technology, Community Services and Health Sciences, Fashion and Creative Technology, Graphic Communications, Language Training, and Hospitality/Tourism.
Tel: 416-415-5000 ,Toll Free: 1-800-265-2002,
Address: P.O. Box 1015, Station B Toronto, Ontario Canada M5T 2T9
 Humber College of Applied Arts & Technology

Humber College offers 135 full-time diploma and certificate programs at the post secondary and post diploma levels as well as over 1,000 courses through Continuing Education.
Tel: (416) 675-3111, Address: 205 Humber College Boulevard, Toronto LAKESHORE CAMPUS
Tel: (416) 675-5000, Address: 3199 Lake Shore Boulevard West, Toronto.
Click on more info for complete inofrmation about Humber Campuses.

 Seneca College

Computer Studies, Communication Arts, Biological Sciences and Applied Chemistry and our Centre of Professional Communications.
Tel: (416) 491-5050, Address: 1750 Finch Avenue East, North York M2J 2X5.

 Sheridan College

Animation, Arts & Design, Business, Community & Liberal Studies, Computing & Information Management, Science & Technology as well as a variety of courses which are offered through Cross-College General Education.
Tel: 905-845-9430, Address: 1430 Trafalgar Road Oakville, ON L6H 2L1, DAVIS CAMPUS ,
Tel: 905-459-7533, Address: 7899 McLaughlin Road Box 7500 Brampton, ON L6V 1G6. Click on more info for complete information about all Sheridan Campuses.

 Ontario College of Art & Design
The Ontario College of Art & Design (OCAD) is one of only four accredited, independent, art and design universities in Canada, and is also the largest university devoted exclusively to the education of professional artists and designers.
Tel: (416) 977-6000, Address: 100 McCaul Street Toronto ON M5T 1W1

Toronto High Schools
Information - Visit our maps section for directions to high schools
 AY Jackson SS  50 Francine Drive, Toronto, ON M2H2G6, Tel: 416-395-3140
 Agincourt CI  2621 Midland Avenue, Toronto, ON M1S1R6, Tel: 416-396-6675
 Albert Campbell CI  1550 Sandhurst Circle, Toronto, ON M1V1S6, Tel: 416-396-6684
 Avondale E & S Alternative  171 Avondale Avenue, Toronto, ON M2N2V4, Tel: 416-395-3130  
 Bendale BTI  1555 Midland Avenue, Toronto, ON M1P3C1, Tel: 416-396-6695
 Birchmount Park CI  3663 Danforth Avenue , Toronto, ON M1N 2G2, Tel: 416-396-6704
 Bloor CI

 1141 Bloor Street West , Toronto, ON M6H1M9, Tel: 416-393-1420

 Danforth C & TI

 800 Greenwood Avenue , Toronto, ON M4J4B7, Tel: 416-393-0620

 David & Mary Thomson CI

 2740 Lawrence Avenue East , Toronto, ON M1P2S7, Tel: 416-396-5525

 Don Mills CI

 15 The Donway East , Toronto, ON M3C1X6, Tel: 416-395-3190

 Downsview SS

 7 Hawksdale Road , Toronto, ON M3K1W3, Tel: 416-395-3200

 Dr Norman Bethune CI

 200 Fundy Bay Boulevard , Toronto, ON M1W3G1, Tel: 416-396-8200

 Drewry SS

 70 Drewry Avenue , Toronto, ON M2M1C8, Tel: 416-395-3260

 Earl Haig SS

 100 Princess Avenue , Toronto, ON M2N3R7, Tel: 416-395-3210

 East York Alternative SS

 670 Cosburn Avenue , Toronto, ON M4C2V2, Tel: 416-396-2925

 East York CI

 670 Cosburn Avenue , Toronto, ON M4C2V2, Tel: 416-396-2355

 Eastern HS of Commerce

 16 Phin Avenue , Toronto, ON M4J3T2, Tel: 416-393-0230

 Emery CI

 3395 Weston Road , Toronto, ON M9M2V9, Tel: 416-395-3220

 Etobicoke CI

 86 Montgomery Road , Toronto, ON M9A3N5, Tel: 416-394-7840

 Etobicoke School of the Arts

 675 Royal York Road , Toronto, ON M8Y2T1, Tel: 416-394-6910

 Forest Hill CI

 730 Eglinton Avenue West , Toronto, ON M5N1B9, Tel: 416-393-1860

 Frank Oke SS

 500 Alliance Avenue , Toronto, ON M6N2H8, Tel: 416-394-3158

 George Harvey CI

 1700 Keele Street , Toronto, ON M6M3W5, Tel: 416-394-3180

 George S Henry Academy

 200 Graydon Hall Drive , Toronto, ON M3A3A6, Tel: 416-395-3240

 Georges Vanier SS

 3000 Don Mills Road , Toronto, ON M2J3B6, Tel: 416-395-3250

 Greenwood SS

 24 Mountjoy Avenue , Toronto, ON M4J1J6, Tel: 416-393-0744

 Harbord CI

 286 Harbord Street , Toronto, ON M6G1G5, Tel: 416-393-1650

 Heydon Park SS

 70 D'Arcy Street , Toronto, ON M6J2C2, Tel: 416-393-1710

 Humberside CI

 280 Quebec Avenue , Toronto, ON M6P2V3, Tel: 416-393-0000

 Inglenook Community School

 19 Sackville Street , Toronto, ON M5A3E1, Tel: 416-393-0560

 Jarvis CI

 495 Jarvis Street , Toronto, ON M4Y2G8, Tel: 416-393-0140

 Kipling CI

 380 The Westway , Toronto, ON M9R1H4, Tel: 416-394-7930

 L'Amoreaux CI

 2501 Bridletowne Circle , Toronto, ON M1W2K1, Tel: 416-396-6745

 Lakeshore CI

 350 Kipling Avenue , Toronto, ON M8V3L1, Tel: 416-394-7650

 Lawrence Park CI

 125 Chatsworth Drive , Toronto, ON M4R1S1, Tel: 416-393-9500

 Leaside HS

 200 Hanna Road , Toronto, ON M4G3N8, Tel: 416-396-2380

 Lester B Pearson CI

 150 Tapscott Road , Toronto, ON M1B2L2, Tel: 416-396-5892

 Malvern CI

 55 Malvern Avenue , Toronto, ON M4E3E4, Tel: 416-393-1480

 Maplewood HS

 120 Galloway Road , Toronto, ON M1E1W7, Tel: 416-396-6765

 Marc Garneau CI

 135 Overlea Boulevard , Toronto, ON M3C1B3, Tel: 416-396-2410

 Martingrove CI

 50 Winterton Drive , Toronto, ON M9B3G7, Tel: 416-394-7110

 Monarch Park CI

 1 Hanson Street , Toronto, ON M4J1G6, Tel: 416-393-0190

 Nelson A Boylen CI

 155 Falstaff Avenue , Toronto, ON M6L2E5, Tel: 416-395-3270

 Newtonbrook SS

 155 Hilda Avenue , Toronto, ON M2M1V6, Tel: 416-395-3280

 North Albion CI

 2580 Kipling Avenue , Toronto, ON M9V3B2, Tel: 416-394-7550

 North Toronto CI

 70 Roehampton Avenue , Toronto, ON M4P1R2, Tel: 416-393-9180

 Northern SS

 851 Mount Pleasant Road , Toronto, ON M4P2L5, Tel: 416-393-0270

 Northview Heights SS

 550 Finch Avenue West , Toronto, ON M2R1N6, Tel: 416-395-3290

 Oakwood CI

 991 St Clair Avenue West , Toronto, ON M6E1A3, Tel: 416-393-1780

 Oasis Alternative SS

 20 Brant Street , Toronto, ON M5V2M1, Tel: 416-393-9830

 Parkdale CI

 209 Jameson Avenue , Toronto, ON M6K2Y3, Tel: 416-393-9000

 RH King Academy

 3800 St Clair Avenue East , Toronto, ON M1M1V3, Tel: 416-396-5550

 Richview CI

 1738 Islington Avenue , Toronto, ON M9A3N2, Tel: 416-394-7980

 Riverdale CI

 1094 Gerrard Street East , Toronto, ON M4M2A1, Tel: 416-393-9820

 Rosedale Heights School of the Arts

 711 Bloor Street East , Toronto, ON M4W1J4, Tel: 416-393-1580

 Runnymede CI

 569 Jane Street , Toronto, ON M6S4A3, Tel: 416-394-3200

 SATEC @ WA Porter CI

 40 Fairfax Crescent , Toronto, ON M1L1Z9, Tel: 416-396-3365

 SEED Alternative School

 885 Dundas Street East, 2nd Flr , Toronto, ON M4M1R4, Tel: 416-393-0564

 Scarborough Centre for Alternative Studies (ASE 1)

 60 Brimorton Drive , Toronto, ON M1P3Z1, Tel: 416-396-6914

 Scarborough Centre for Alternative Studies (ASE 2)

 109 Chartland Boulevard South , Toronto, ON M1S2R7, Tel: 416-396-6919

 Scarborough Centre for Alternative Studies (Overflow)

 39 Highbrook Drive , Toronto, ON M1P3L6, Tel: 416-396-5592

 Scarborough Centre for Alternative Studies Retention

 939 Progress Avenue , Toronto, ON M1G3T8, Tel: 416-396-6992

 Scarlett Heights Entrepreneurial Academy

 15 Trehorne Drive , Toronto, ON M9P1N8, Tel: 416-394-7750

 School of Experiential Education (SEE)

 40 McArthur Street , Toronto, ON M9P3M7, Tel: 416-394-6990

 School of Life Experience (SOLE)

 24 Mountjoy Avenue , Toronto, ON M4J1J6, Tel: 416-393-0756

 Silverthorn CI

 291 Mill Road, Toronto, ON M9C1Y5, Tel: 416-394-7010

 Sir John A Macdonald CI

 2300 Pharmacy Avenue, Toronto, ON M1W1H8, Tel: 416-396-6793

 Sir Oliver Mowat CI

 5400 Lawrence Avenue East, Toronto, ON M1C2C6, Tel: 416-396-6802

 Sir Robert L Borden BTI

 200 Poplar Road, Toronto, ON M1E1Z7, Tel: 416-396-6810

 Sir Sandford Fleming Academy

 50 Ameer Avenue, Toronto, ON M6A2L3, Tel: 416-395-3300

 Sir Wilfrid Laurier CI

 145 Guildwood Parkway, Toronto, ON M1E1P5, Tel: 416-396-6820

 Sir William Osler HS

 1050 Huntingwood Drive, Toronto, ON M1S3H5, Tel: 416-396-6830

 Stephen Leacock CI

 2450 Birchmount Road, Toronto, ON M1T2M5, Tel: 416-396-8000

 Subway Academy I

 16 Phin Avenue, Toronto, ON M4J3T2, Tel: 416-393-9466

 Subway Academy II

 304 Brunswick Avenue, Toronto, ON M5S2M7, Tel: 416-393-1445


 125 Evelyn Crescent, Toronto, ON M6P3E3, Tel: 416-393-9639

 Thistletown CI

 20 Fordwich Crescent, Toronto, ON M9W2T4, Tel: 416-394-7710

 Timothy Eaton B&TI

 1251 Bridletowne Circle, Toronto, ON M1W1S7, Tel: 416-396-6846

 Ursula Franklin Academy

 146 Glendonwynne Road, Toronto, ON M6P3E3, Tel: 416-393-0430

 Vaughan Road Academy

 529 Vaughan Road, Toronto, ON M6C2R1, Tel: 416-394-3222

 Victoria Park SS

 15 Wallingford Road, Toronto, ON M3A2V1, Tel: 416-395-3310

 Virtual School (TDSB)

 c/o Burnahamthorpe ALC, 500 The East Mall, Toronto, ON M9B 2C4 , Tel: 416-394-7130

 West End Alternative School

 777 Bloor Street West, 3rd Flr, Toronto, ON M5T1K1, Tel: 416-393-0660

 West Hill CI

 350 Morningside Avenue, Toronto, ON M1E3G3, Tel: 416-396-6864

 West Humber CI

 1675 Martin Grove Road, Toronto, ON M9V3S3, Tel: 416-394-7570

 West Toronto CI

 330 Lansdowne Avenue, Toronto, ON M6H3Y1, Tel: 416-393-1500

 Western Technical-Commercial School

 125 Evelyn Crescent, Toronto, ON M6P3E3, Tel: 416-393-0500

 Weston CI

 100 Pine Street, Toronto, ON M9N2Y9, Tel: 416-394-3250

 Westview Centennial SS

 755 Oakdale Road, Toronto, ON M3N1W7, Tel: 416-395-3320

 Wexford CI

 1176 Pharmacy Avenue, Toronto, ON M1R2H7, Tel: 416-396-6874

 William Lyon Mackenzie CI

 20 Tillplain Road, Toronto, ON M3H5R2, Tel: 416-395-3330

 Winston Churchill CI

 2239 Lawrence Avenue East, Toronto, ON M1P2P7, Tel: 416-396-6883

 Woburn CI

 2222 Ellesmere Road, Toronto, ON M1G3M3, Tel: 416-396-4575

 YMCA Academy

 42 Charles St. E., 5th Floor , Toronto, ON M4Y1T4, Tel: 416-928-0124 ext. 2238

 York Humber HS

 100 Emmett Avenue, Toronto, ON M6M2E6, Tel: 416-394-3280

 York Memorial CI

 2690 Eglinton Avenue West, Toronto, ON M6M1T9, Tel: 416-394-3000

 York Mills CI

 490 York Mills Road, Toronto, ON M3B1W6, Tel: 416-395-3340

 School Boards
 Application Centres

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